Invisaligners: Improving Care and Preventing Mistakes

At Levan Dental Group, a lot of people choose invisaligners over its more unwieldly counterpart, the wire braces.

Crooked teeth

These plastic trays are great for crooked teeth. If you’ve always wanted straight, even teeth-no overbites or underbites and everything else in between-these are a great way to fix your problem. What happens is that you get aligners that help you move your teeth little by little. By helping every single one move and adjust into the final position, you can finally have the straight, perfect teeth you want.

Invisible aligners

The term comes from invisible aligners, mostly because the plastic trays aren’t at all as obvious as wire braces that announce to all and sundry that you have a dental problem the minute you open your mouth. It’s no wonder a lot of our customers ask about treatments for Invisalign in Livonia. It’s the best option for fixing misalignment problems. However, dental issues aren’t a one-size-fits-all and you might find yourself needing something more effective than an invisible aligner. That’s when you probably need to go with wire braces.

Aligner care

Great, sturdy aligners won’t last. So make sure you care and clean for your aligners. The dental tool, after all, is always inside your mouth cavity, from when you eat or work to when you sleep. So it’s only right and sanitary to make sure it’s always clean. In addition, you could try rinsing it with cold water, says New Beauty. Do it for two to three times a day, with zero toothpaste, just plain cold water. Toothpaste is bad news for your aligners, making them cloudy. Also, your saliva is a possible breeding ground for bacteria. So always brush as well as floss before you put those clear plastic trays back on.


  • Never soak the tray in hot water. This could lead to distortions of the tool, which will could compromise the results of your treatment. You wouldn’t want that to happen so make sure you keep your aligners well away from hot water.
  • Brush the aligners too! You never know when a little bit of vegetable or meat could get stuck in between your teeth or the sides of the tray. That’s why never forget to brush the tray. It’ll keep it clean and sanitary for your use as well.
  • Never eat or drink anything-unless it’s water-while you’re wearing one. Stains can render your invisible aligners moot.

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